Happy Pops + TAS: Sweetness Meets Sophistication
Toronto, Canada • Opened 2016 • happypops.ca

They say if something seems too good to be true, it probably is. Well, sometimes that’s just plain wrong. Take Leila Keshavjee’s delicious, all-natural popsicles and dairy-free ice cream sandwiches, for instance. And if you ask Leila, finding TAS—an accounting system that’s easy to use but still has all the tools to run your business better—turned out to be just as good as it sounded.

Top of the pops

Leila was working on her kinesiology degree when she learned about all the different types of sugar and how hard it is for people to keep track of what’s added to their food. Then she thought of a solution: delicious, all-natural popsicles made with clean ingredients. What started as a summer project to beat the heat ended up being so popular that people were buying her popsicles well into the Canadian winter.

“I was just surrounded by people who were always happy,” Keshavjee says about working on Happy Pops. “Nobody’s upset eating a popsicle or dessert. That’s why we went with the name Happy Pops. And I was like, ‘If I love what I do, why would I do something different?’”

Minding the (knowledge) gap

Leila couldn’t help but pursue her new passion, but it was challenging since her kinesiology background didn’t prepare her for the ins and outs of running a business. That’s why she fell in love with TAS’s clean interface and friendly, intuitive design.

“The reports that it allows you to generate are great,” Keshavjee says. “I love being able to see my dashboard and seeing a sales graph of the last twelve months. It motivates you. You see where you stand. You open it up, it’s great to see, it’s colour-coded. You can see who’s viewed your invoice, what’s been sent, what’s been paid. I think it really makes things easy for a small business to take charge of those matters.”

Always on the go

One of Leila’s favourite things about TAS are its mobile apps. She loves that she can do everything while she’s on the move—which is important because she’s a very busy person. Like so many entrepreneurs she’s always wearing many hats and trying to get as much done as she can, and as quickly as possible.

“I can’t even imagine what I’d be doing without it,” Keshavjee says. “It allows you to generate an invoice really quickly from your mobile. It really makes things simple in that sense. And because we do a lot of custom products, we need to be paid in advance. It allows us to get payments really quickly, and makes it easy for our customers to just put in a credit card number on a secure platform.”

And another thing? She doesn’t have to feel awkward about letting someone know that it’s time to pay up. “I can subtly remind people, ‘Hey, you owe me money,’” Keshavjee says with a laugh. “It just makes it so much easier, because you don’t have that awkward conversation about it. They know it’s not paid. And you can just send them a reminder, but it doesn’t feel like it’s coming from you.”

We all scream for ice cream

Leila’s business is on fire—despite the icy coolness of her products. She bought the popular Toronto-based ice cream sandwich company Sweet Sammies in 2016, and she’s on a mission to grow Happy Pops to other major Canadian cities and into the U.S. She’s even appearing on the season premiere of Dragon’s Den, airing September 20, 2018. There’s no stopping this entrepreneur—only time will tell what kinds of treats we can look forward to in the future.